Supporting the SMEs for a balanced and long lasting growth


Kenning Consulting provides business management consulting services to SMEs.
We have a holistic approach and make concrete proposals immediately applicable with an important advantage for the development of projects.
Both for small interventions and in complex projects, the best results are achieved with the active involvement of various collaborators.

In each company the resources and internal and external transformation processes see people as the starting and ending point of each solution.

Pit Stop - Quick business checkup

PIT STOP - Quick economical and effective checkup

A stop at the box to continue the race at full pace: let's start with the business management checkup

PIT STOP is a quick diagnostic test on management control, which analyzes the operational income statement, the annual budget and the reporting system as well as the respective operating procedures, with the aim of finding possible areas for improvement. This analysis allows Kenning Consulting to provide a practical example for an effective management control setting, because every comparison is useful for improving.

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Balance Score Cards and Dashboards


Creation of Balance Score Cards (BSC) and dashboards for business management

Each company has a better chance of achieving management objectives if it breaks them down into small objectives entrusted to individual collaborators and provides them with the appropriate tools to verify the results achieved progressively. Balance Score Cards have a holistic management approach, therefore they are an effective tool for measuring company results and allow us to understand if management is proceeding in the correct direction towards the objectives and in which areas it is necessary to take action to improve.

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Supply chain optimisation


Selecting the best suppliers to increase business competitiveness.

Most of the costs of the company go to suppliers for the purchase of goods and services used in the transformation processes to realize finished products or services for customers. Optimizing the supply chain means selecting suppliers to give greater weight to those that generate value for the company and reduce the number of those who absorb resources without providing extra contribution besides the product or service supplied. This project aims to make more efficient the business transformation chain and to increase the competitiveness of the company.

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Corporate business plan development


The SME must choose a balanced and sustainable growth path and follow it

Strategic planning guides the company in the use of resources in specific activities. When the path is outlined the company increases the chances of achieving management objectives such as the operating profit and the lasting and balanced growth of the company in the long run.

Each company has its unique features, but generally those that achieve lasting and balanced growth over time share two typical traits of the corporate culture: a strong marketing focus on the development of customer relationships, and a dynamic business vision. Kenning Consulting's planning and management control project focuses on the second one to make it produce its extraordinary driving force on business management.

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ERP management system


The corporate ICT system governs all operational and transformation processes

The ERP management system governs all operational and business transformation processes and promotes the growth of know how and information assets over time. For these reasons, the ERP system is a strategic resource for the development and continuity of business activity and as such must be constantly adapted to operational needs. The ERP system plays the central role of the entire company information system and as such must:

  • perfectly satisfy the present operational and transformation needs;
  • encourage efficient business development over time;
  • have low running and maintenance costs.

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Legal Service Organisation


The in-house legal service organisation project

Generally speaking, SMEs do not have an in-house legal service, and only call upon legal counsel if they have to. This attitude was fine in the past when a handshake was worth more than a contract. Today it is better to think differently. The various economic phases of the last fifteen years have produced major transformations in all production sectors. In order to stay in the market, all companies must work through the value chain and concentrate on those activities with the highest added value. However, outsourcing other activities to specialised suppliers is not possible without adequate legal support. An in-house legal service organisation project is a small investment for many SMEs that still lack it. It is necessary to run the business well.

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Management Control for SME


Provide the appropriate tools to operational staff to measure results

In the company, each function invests resources to achieve its objectives in due time. The purpose of Management Control is to help people who work in the company achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently. This path is never direct and linear and requires facing and overcoming difficulties and unpredictable situations, such as wars, political crises, and epidemics, which have now become a rule. This means making decisions, and it is essential to know at all times whether the measures applied bring us closer to the objective. To this end, people need adequate tools to read and analyze data and information to correct the path if necessary. SMEs often do not provide their employees with relevant information relating to the development of the business, especially if they only have the statutory documents required by law. It is a correct choice because these documents refer to the company as a whole, while operational staff need dedicated reports to work well.

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