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How we work

How we work

Kenning Consulting offers consulting and project management services for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The services may involve consulting on individual functional areas or project management.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Control
  • Operational Optimisation
  • ERP Management System

Kenning Consulting offers SMEs various projects to improve business management. Projects may relate to a specific function such as logistics or legal services, or have a wider scope and cover several functions, such as the development and implementation of the company's business plan. Its objective is to promote the balanced development of the company over time. This means that not only the company's economic and financial profile is considered. In fact, in order to have a balanced development, it is necessary to involve all functions. Each of them must have objectives that are consistent with the company's general objectives, which can be summarized as sustainable development and increase in value over time.

Organisational transformation with methodology SEMCO STYLE

The organizational transformation project has a broad scope and is based on a company holistic concept.In this case, a business model based on mutual trust between the owner and the employees is applied. The company takes this path when it considers the traditional scheme of the contractual employment relationship based on quid pro quo logic to be inadequate. The figures of controllers and controllers that feed a costly system are eliminated, as are the reward and punishment mechanisms that limit the individual's initiative.
The new form of organization adopted by the company makes people fully responsible for their own scope of action, applies alternative control systems, and stimulates self-management in the most motivated individuals. Suppliers and customers are also involved in management. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a healthy and rewarding working environment for everyone. Only people who are satisfied with their work have the motivation to aim for ambitious goals.
For more information on the SEMCO Style, go to the dedicated section.

All of Kenning Consulting's activities, whether project work or consultancy, are focused on the people of the organization.
Both good communication about the project's objectives and its development within the set timeframe are fundamental aspects. Indeed, it is important that there is a total understanding of the goal to be achieved and also the full engagement of all the people involved in the project.
Every corporate change always has consequences for people's work and this requires adequate mental preparation in order to have concrete and measurable benefits.